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The NaNo Diaries: Day One – The New Girl

Word Count: 3445/35,000 (~10% done)

Sanity Level: 9.5 (Just started, so the narrative flowing!)

What I Love: My new character, Lisette (more on her below)

What I Loathe: Having to check my ego (because first drafts are shit, right?)

So happy I took time off from my dayjob to devote myself to the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo! For any NaNo event, I always take the first day off from work. Starting a novel is a huge undertaking because Chapter One is the hook.  It’s what determines whether a reader keeps reading so I needed it to be strong.  I think what I have can be classified as ‘strong’; not surprisingly, my book opens with sex…

Nothing says ‘come hither’ like this guy and this particular dance move.

Besides the titillating opening, I throw a new character at you almost immediately.  One of my favorite parts of the writing experience is introducing fresh meat.  In the case of the hotly-anticipated (by me, at least) sequel to BrewGirl, BrewGirl in Vegas, the newest player in the series is Miss Lisette Montez.  Without giving away too much of the first book for those who haven’t read it (a condition you can immediately remedy by clicking HERE), Lisette proves to be a formidable opponent for my main character, the reluctant feminist Zoe Taylor.

When I build my antagonists, they tend to have commonalities – so it will be easy for my readers to compare Lisette to another devilish vixen: Felicity Hunter of The Cougarette Series. They do share some similarities: both are ridiculously beautiful, appear flawless, and have their sights set on the men of my MCs’ dreams.  What sets Lisette apart is that in addition to traffic-stopping beauty, she also has a brain.  While Felicity was never accused of being the brightest crayon in the box, Lisette Montez is the box. She’s the goddamned Crayola factory and Zoe is a little frightened right now.

What can I say? I love putting my characters through hell.


Fellow NaNoers: How’d Day One work out for you?
Readers: Are you looking forward to BrewGirl in Vegas yet?

Hit me in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “The NaNo Diaries: Day One – The New Girl

  1. I love your sanity rating!!!! For my first day of camp NaNoWriMo I need a “over my head” rating of an 11. I think I have bigger goals that what is possible… I met my goal today anyway though we’ll see how long I can keep it up. Happy writing! Interesting Hook on your book BTW!

    1. Trust – that sanity rating of mine will fluctuate like crazy! LOL! And gold star for you reaching your goal today. Just keep writing – one word is better than zero. Thanks for the compliment on BrewGirl!

    1. Gold star for you! And yeah, mid-month is always the time when things get hairy. I’m enjoying the excitement now because I know that in two weeks, I’ll be impossible to live with! LOL! Thanks for reading!

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