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King Is Coming: The Follow – Cover Reveal + Preorder Link

Now that the weather is warming up, I have your next book boyfriend waiting on you – and he (might be) a keeper!

The Follow – dropping on July 7 (Click HERE to PREORDER) –  is an erotic romance guaranteed to have you hitting all the high notes with every page turn.  The novel is all about online fandom, celebrity hangers-on, an unassuming woman caught in the middle of it all, and the sanging (not a typo) heartthrob who has her body wide open.

Are you ready for King Smith?

Hmmm…thought so.

Here’s a deeper look into The Follow:

New hire Shauna McIntyre joins The Charisma Group, a New York-based talent agency specializing in social media management. Even though she has never been much of a fangirl in her personal life, Shauna expects that her signature professional task is managing the online fandom of her famous clientele. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with one of them.

R&B sensation King Smith has made a career of singing soulful tunes and strumming his guitar for his adoring fans.  King also harbors a secret: he’s in recovery for sex addiction.  When King lays eyes on Shauna, the crooner with a craving for no-strings lust decides to change his life in an effort to hold on to her.

Once King is tempted by the admiration of a persistent online fan, Shauna has a decision to make. When professional lines are blurred and relentless love takes hold, will Shauna sacrifice her rising career for an affair with a famous man with a seemingly insatiable thirst for his fandom?

King and Shauna aren’t alone in this love affair. They are surrounded by a cast of characters:

  • Slim Richmond, King’s mentor/road manager. You can count on Slim to have two things ready for King at all times: the cold hard truth and a finely rolled blunt.
  • Lena Murphy, Shauna’s work BFF. The consummate fangirl, Lena’s the comic relief of the story. She’s insanely happy for Shauna and King’s romance, ignoring all of the caution signs Shauna can’t help obsessing over.
  • Brian Stokely, King’s therapist.  Brian is the voice of reason throughout the novel, giving King a first-hand perspective of how his addiction may destroy his life and his relationship with Shauna.
  • Lamar St. Jon, Shauna’s client. A former child star now turned TV cop, the pretentious Lamar is gorgeous, young, and obsessed with his manipulative girlfriend. Oh…and managing his social media life drives Shauna bananas!
  • Tonya aka @YummyYaYa, King’s #1 fan. What goes down in the DMs doesn’t always stay there…

So I’ve given you a release date, a synopsis, a cast of characters, a free excerpt, and a preorder link.  What else do you need?


The cover…

Based on these first impressions, who is your favorite character from The Follow?
Drop your answer in the comments (and PREORDER TODAY!)

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