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#TeaserTuesday Review: The Panty Whisperer

*NOTE: The following is an honest review in exchange for an arc.  Also, this is SOOOO NSFW!

I was minding my own business on Twitter (that’s a total oxymoron, isn’t it?) a few weeks back and saw a tweet in my Feed, requesting ARC readers.  Since reviewing is fairly new to me, I figured I’d give Sloane Howell’s The Panty Whisperer a go.  What caught my eye about the tweet was the teaser attached.  It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary of romance; it had your typical stock photo couple entangled in a passionate twist.

But the quote…the quote made me smile:

Sloane - Missed You

That’s my kinda girl, but we’ll get to the ladies later.  First, let’s talk about the main character and his conundrum – he’s a playboy, full of sexual heat and hilarious ego, who meets the one woman who doesn’t fall for his charm. YES! Where do I sign up?  The arc arrived cozy in my Kindle about two days later and from the very first explosive sex scene, it was official:

I became very intrigued with Joel Hannover.

Very reminiscent of Drew Evans of the famed Tangled series by Emma Chase, Joel is a man who’s very aware of his allure to women.  What turned me on about him was that he went after a certain segment of women: ignored, busy ones.  The book opens with him zeroing his carnal hunt in on his first conquest, Jessica – a bored and buttoned up accountant who opens up to him…up against a car. That’s what I loved about this book: it literally starts with a bang.

~He’s a playboy, full of sexual heat and hilarious ego, who meets the one woman who doesn’t fall for his charm.  YES! Where do I sign up?~

That said, after Joel’s fourth sexual encounter in as many chapters, I was beginning to get worn out…but then came Quinn.  She enters the narrative as a friend of one of Joel’s heartbroken conquests.  There is a hilarious self-love scene that takes place in Joel’s vintage ride that gave me a fit of cackles!  But beyond the laughs, Howell makes sure the reader understands that Quinn’s a woman on a mission.  She’s hellbent on making the Panty Whisperer pay for what he did to her roommate.  However, things take a crazy (and somewhat tragic) turn which lands Quinn exactly where she didn’t want to be – under Joel’s panty-whispering spell.

4/5 Stars: I had a really good time reading about the world of Joel Hannover and his insatiable sex drive.  Much like Chase and Drew, Howell writes Joel’s brand of douchebaggery in a delightful and likeable tone.  As for Quinn, she was the star of the novel for me.  The author mastered displaying her wit, her sensuality, and her vulnerability effortlessly.  If you like male perspective-driven erotica, grab this one using the links below!

Sloane - Thank Me

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