SNEAK PEEK: Pink Panties

I rolled into 2019 with Pitch Wars on the brain and gearing up for my first time in the Smut Marathon. It seems like I’m always writing or editing lately so when I can celebrate a finished published piece, I definitely want to give my readers a glimpse. In addition to my inclusion in Volume… Read More SNEAK PEEK: Pink Panties

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Eda Mueller

Today’s writer brings a dose of humor and camp to her steamy stories. Also, she’s an actress! I don’t know why that intrigues me, but it feels like it brings a different vibe to her art. Once you check out sexy scribe Eda Mueller‘s interview below, you’ll learn why. Hear about a few of her… Read More Author Spotlight: Eda Mueller

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Oleander Plume

I love a dirty girl with an even dirtier pen. I am one, so I find myself meeting a few of them here are there – especially on Twitter.  Today’s author (who I met via previous Spotlighter Dr. J) has written some of the naughtiest words I’ve read n a while.  Oleander Plume dropped her… Read More Author Spotlight: Oleander Plume

Author Spotlight

GUEST POST: Strength In Erotica

I began my romance/erotica writing journey three short years ago (I will literally fit a Mariah lyric in almost anything!). One of the first writers I connected with was the writer of today’s guest post. Phoenix Williams, a past Spotlighter, began her writing career in 2012 and has produced a plethora of novels filled with… Read More GUEST POST: Strength In Erotica

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Ava Alise

I feel like I meet a fresh-faced Sister In Smut every week.  Ava Alise is the newest on the indie scene.  Her debut release, Gently Broken, is a new adult short story about two BFFs whose different approaches to love and sex lead to hilarious consequences.  Read below about her literary influences (one of which… Read More Author Spotlight: Ava Alise