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It’s been just half a year since I released my last novel, Savage.  Although I’ve started the first draft of its sequel (aptly entitled Still Savage), I took a break from that project to dip my literary toe into the world of fangirl romance.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably seen the title tag #TheFollow dating back several weeks.  I started writing it last month and will be finishing up the first draft during Camp NaNoWriMo this month. I’m excited about this joint because it combines two of my favorite passions: writing and fandom. I’ve written about my love for Prince in the past, Mariah Carey remains champagne goals in my life, and everyone in the world knows how much I love this man.

So, with The Follow, I wanted to inject my usual scribbles about sex, style, and stress into the world of online fandom.

Check the synopsis:

He’s addicted to the fandom. She’s addicted to his love.

New hire Shauna McIntyre joins The Charisma Group, a New York-based talent agency specializing in social media management. Even though she has never been much of a fangirl in her personal life, Shauna expects that her signature professional task is managing the online fandom of her famous clientele. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with one of them.

R&B sensation King Smith has made a career of singing soulful tunes and strumming his guitar for his adoring fans.  King also harbors a secret: he’s in recovery for a sex addiction.  When King lays eyes on Shauna, the crooner with a craving for no-strings lust decides to change his life in an effort to hold on to her.

Once King is tempted by the admiration of a persistent online fan, Shauna has a decision to make. When professional lines are blurred and relentless love takes hold, will Shauna sacrifice her rising career for an affair with a famous man with a seemingly insatiable thirst for his fandom?

And I would be extra bogus if I didn’t supply a little sample, right? Right:

The cab slowed to a stop in front of Costas Tower an hour later. I hopped out of the backseat, fidgeting with my blazer and smoothing a hand against the back of my messy bun. I smiled at the doorman as I walked into the building, hoping I didn’t look as if I’d just thrown myself together in an hour. I took a breath of relief as I looked at the time on my cell. I was only five minutes late for my one-on-one meeting with my boss. I clicked my heels through the doors of The Charisma Group and bee-lined to his office.

“Chase, my apologies,” I said, not noticing the serious look on his perfect face until I sat down across from him. Confusion set in as I tried to decipher his expression.

“Shauna,” he started with a sigh, turning to his monitor.

I reached into my green Hermes tote and pulled out my tablet. “I know, I know. I’m late. After the gala, Lena and I had a few at The Summit,” I lied. “We saw some clients there, brought them a few rounds. It turned into a thing, you know how it is.”

Chase gave a short chuckle. “Yeah, speaking of clients…”. He turned his monitor to face me. Staring back at me was an image of me in that black dress, bent over a cream Rolls Royce.

I gasped, the palpitations in my chest returning as I turned my gaze back to Chase.

Chase clenched his jaw. “So just how long have you been fucking your client, King Smith?”

Did you Cougarette readers spot a familiar name? Yes, Chase Costas (youngest brother of CeeCee’s dangerous ex Bryce) will be one of the ten characters featured in The Follow, which drops July 7th. Stay tuned to the blog, Twitter, and Facebook for more updates. (UPDATE: Check out my Pinterest vision board for the visuals, dahling!)

What do you think so far? Tell me how you feel about Shauna and King in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “SNEAK PEEK – The Follow

  1. Color me intrigued. Not bent over the Rolls though, yikes!

    So Chase moved from talent to exec huh? Intriguing. I see I have some catching up to do in my reading. Curious to see the depths of this relationship or situationship between King and Shauna. And how different King is from Billy (BadAss), in mindset and temperament.

    1. Yes, I love sneaking Cougarette references in my books. In my other novel BrewGirl, another Cougarette character shows up at the very end. I’m sneaky like that! LOL!

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