SNEAK PEEK: Pink Panties

I rolled into 2019 with Pitch Wars on the brain and gearing up for my first time in the Smut Marathon. It seems like I’m always writing or editing lately so when I can celebrate a finished published piece, I definitely want to give my readers a glimpse.

In addition to my inclusion in Volume Four of Rachel Bussel Kramer’s annual collection Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, I was also featured in another Cleis Press anthology of hers: Erotic Teasers. Set for release on February 12th, this collection’s theme is exactly what its title dictates: the tease. My story has the honor of being the first featured in the collection.

Pink Panties tells the titillating tale of The Silvas, a married interracial couple (BWLM) who turn a typical boring business dinner into a playful war of orgasm denial – all thanks to a hot pink thong. Here’s a NSFW excerpt for your reading pleasure:

“Ma’am, will you be dining on chicken or fish?”

“I’ll have the—”

I felt a jolt against my pussy that startled me. I looked down at myself and back at the waiter. “Sorry, um, I’ll have the fish, pl—”

Another shot. This one hit right on my clit, which was already slightly aroused from the initial sting. I felt a drop of wetness escape my softness before I clenched. “Fish, please,” I answered short and sweet. My breath was slightly jagged, unaware of what was happening with my seat. I turned to Ramon, whose eyes must’ve been on me the entire time I struggled to talk with the waiter. 

“I’ll have what the lady’s having,” he answered to the waiter, his gaze never breaking from mine. When the waiter moved on to the next guest, Ramon twirled his phone in his hand and placed it on the table. It wasn’t until he swiped his finger across the screen and I felt a longer vibration that I realized what he was doing. 

My hips shivered under the sensation, this time lasting ten of the longest seconds of my life. “What…what are you doing?” I breathed out. 

Ramon leaned into me, his hand easing around the exposed back of my dress. “I’ll ask again: you like your new present?” He gave my neck two light kisses, which felt extra arousing thanks to the jolts that had consumed my body. 

“You’ll be under my control for the remainder of this party,” he started, his firm voice making me pool with wetness. “You won’t see me, but you’ll know I’m not far away.” 

He swiped the phone and my body jerked. A soft moan escaped my lips. 

“Ramon…stop,” I begged softly.

He took my earlobe into his warm mouth, suckling it for a moment. “You really want me to stop, mami?”

My eyes closed for a second before darting my gaze around the table. Not one of the other six people was paying any attention to us. Stuffed in their self-important tuxes, ties, and gowns, they were none the wiser as my husband’s hand traveled up my inner thigh. This was the wrong place for this sexual experiment, but my body needed the mystery and the sensation. I turned to him, my clit swollen and my body sizzling. 

“Don’t stop.” 

To catch the rest of this story and 17 more agonizingly juicy tales of wait, reserve your copy of Erotic Teasers NOW:
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