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It’s the moment we’ve (or maybe just I’ve) been waiting for – the unveiling of the Savage cover!

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Laney Townes of the Cougarette Series is back with her own adventures in business and pleasure!

When CeeCee Banks announces her plans to leave her post at Chronicles to pursue her motivational speaking career full-time, Laney is counting on her best friend to hand over the reins of the non-profit to her – finally fulfilling her lifelong CEO dream. That is, until CeeCee’s new hire, Alex Esteban, shows up.

Alex, the fiftysomething president of his own corporate management consulting firm, locks horns with the resistant Laney as he attempts a reorganization of Chronicles. Between managing the seesaw of her friends with benefits relationship with law professor Jess and co-parenting her daughter Izzy with her ex-wife Roxy, the last thing Laney needs is Alex taking her chance at the top seat out from under her.

When Chronicles’ dismal annual report is released, the two Alphas set aside their differences to work together to keep the organization afloat. Laney and Alex slowly begin to find common ground and get along well. Too well…

In this sexy first installment of the Laney series, we find out if our favorite lady-loving BFF is ready to give up her legendary gold-star lesbian status for a chance at love with Alex – a man just as savage in the boardroom (and bedroom) as she is.


ARCs will be going out before the Labor Day weekend and the book drops on Friday, September 30th! If you didn’t catch the hyperlink in the title above, you can preorder this first book of the Savage Series HERE and on my Books page. Thanks for your support and feel free to share, share, share!

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