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REAL MOMS – Why Weekend Self-Care is Necessary

Weekend Self Care - Eliza David

I just finished a workout after taking the entire week off from any form of physical activity that requires sweat.  And what a week it was!

No matter your political or social leaning, we can all agree that this second week of July 2016 has been a doozy.  Mired by death, murder, violence, and despair, it was hard getting through it.  I work full-time out side of the home.  Once I got home, most days this past week, my husband and I immediately turned on the news to get the latest on the tragedies happening in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas.  It was mind-numbing, seeing the videos and hearing the talking heads duke it out. If there is a lone positive that came from this gruesome week, it has confirmed that Weekend Self Care is required in my life. Read more here…

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