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REAL MOMS – Two & Through: Three Reasons There Won’t Be a #3

Jon Stewart interviewed the Matron Saint of Hollywood Mommies, Angelina Jolie, on The Daily Show back in 2007.  When the Oscar-winning actress mused that she’d like a minimum of seven children total with her partner, the equally gorgeous thespian Brad Pitt (as of today’s date, they have a total of six), Jon Stewart replied, “I admire that because two is kicking my a**.”

While I always shared similar political opinions with the host, I never felt so in tune with him than after he made that declaration.  I was still nursing my first child – then a roly-poly six-month-old.   But even back then, I knew that I’d only want two children.  That’s it.  No more, no less.  Read the rest here…

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