The NaNoWriMo Diaries: Bank Those Words!

1,667 words. One thousand six hundred sixty-seven.

According to good old-fashioned long division, that’s your daily requirement to reach the coveted 50K word count goal to win NaNoWriMo over the thirty days in November.

In context, it doesn’t sound too bad, amIright? It’s roughly six pages a day.  Challenging, but not impossible.

But here’s the catch: you’d have to write every. single. day.

Including during Thanksgiving vacation. No days off.

I don’t know about you, but I plan on kicking back during my holiday as much as possible. I also intend on surpassing the fifty-thousand word count.

Just how will I get this done? By banking the words!

Banking words is exactly what it sounds like: creating a continuous surplus of words by going beyond the 1,667 daily goal as much as possible.  Not every day, but as often as your literary fingers can.

Of course, this requires some planning, dedication, and a little bit of finesse – but you, my fellow NaNo-ers, can make it happen.  Here’s a few tricks to stacking those syllables:

  • Take a Day (or two…or, hell, three) Off – My fave NaNo tradition is to take November 1st off from my dayjob. I do it every year without fail – but this is no vacay day, folks. I spend the entire day writing, making certain I hit at least 10% of the NaNo goal (5,000 words) before my hubby and kids come home from their day. It sets me up for a sweet cushion.  Having the entire day devoted to my WIP and nothing else is a priceless and precious moment when I catch the most words.
  • Sprint For Your Life – A word sprint is a quick way to get a lot of words in within a short amount of time. Follow the NaNoSprints Twitter handle for guaranteed sprints each hour. Another option: schedule some sprinting time with a NaNo writing buddy.
  • Be a Weekend Warrior – Understand that, come November, your weekends belong to your WIP. Period. Be okay with that. The upside to NaNo taking your precious Saturdays and Sundays hostage is that, if you truly get the words, your weekdays become less hectic with trying to fit additional writing time in.
  • Don’t Look Back – Now this is a naaaaasty habit of mine! Usually around Day 15, I find myself rereading what’s been written and (GASP!) editing. Please don’t do this. Not only is it counterproductive AF, but it’s a terrible writing habit – whether you’re up against a word count goal or not. Fight the urge to go back and trim. Every word counts! Don’t sabotage yourself out of the need for perfection.

~What are your NaNo tips for banking words?~

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