NaNoWriMo, Savage Series

The NaNoWriMo Diaries: My Camp NaNo, By The Numbers

Camp NaNoWriMo starts in less than twenty-four hours…


As I’ve expressed in past blog entries, I am super excited to start the first book of the Cougarette spinoff series, Savage. I even have the cover art reserved…for a book I haven’t written yet (I blame Amanda Walker!).

That’s me putting the cart before the horse, but welcome to my world! I couldn’t let NaNo Eve go by without at least one obligatory blogpost.  That said, I’m also conserving my typing fingers for my month-long quest to write this novel.  So I decided to shorthand it.

(NOTE: Any & all of this is subject to change as I allow my characters to take over the story…and my life.)


  • Word count for goal: 30,000
  • Word count expected for final draft: 75,000
  • Plot points planned: 7
  • Sex scenes planned: 3
  • Sex scenes involving CeeCee Banks and/or Jay Weston: 0 (They gave you six books’ worth of sex. Give them a break!)
  • New characters introduced: 3 (although one has been mentioned in the Cougarette Series)
  • Cougarette characters featured: 7
  • Children characters featured: 1
  • Times I’ll have to remind myself that Savage is about Laney, not CeeCee: 56

  • Books I was reading that won’t be touched again until August: 5
  • Dollars of late fines owed to my local library: 4
  • Dollars of remaining Amazon credit for future book purchases: 18
  • Morning hour I’ll awake to write daily: 5
  • Evening hour I will go to bed the night before: 11
  • Lesbian romance short stories I plan to read for research: 15
  • Episodes of The L Word I plan to rewatch for research: 23

L Word Cast

  • Cheesy French fries I plan to eat: 34,856
  • Jazzercise classes I plan to attend: 6
  • Cups of coffee I plan to consume: 78
  • Glasses of chilled Pinot Grigio I plan to consume: infinity
  • Post-Its I’ll ball up in rage: 42
  • Tears I’ll shed during writer’s block periods: 94
  • Times I will question why I’m even writing Savage in the first place: 39
  • Jumps in the air I’ll attempt when I hit goal: 1 (because I’ll be full of French fries, coffee, and wine)

Wish me luck and stay tuned to the blog for more updates as I attempt to write this book.

Peace & Godspeed to my fellow NaNoers out there – we got this!


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