LinkedIn for Indie Authors: Is It Effective Branding?

Writing is my life but I’m truly a salesperson at heart.

Although I majored in Fine Arts, I minored in Marketing. It probably should have been the other way around but what do you expect when you ask a perpetually stoned 17-year-old to plan her future?

I spent over a decade selling everything from ad space to air filters to Olan Mills picture packages to emotional moms-to-be (I like to call that professional phase my ‘heartless go-getter years’).

So often, I find my fellow indie authors lamenting that they struggle with marketing their books and creating a brand. ┬áMost writers are die-hard introverts; they wanna write and that’s it.

Me? I’m an extrovert with manners. I love to talk A LOT but I’ve also learned to love to listen, which is required to be a successful marketer. And thanks to a ganja-hazed decision during freshman orientation back in 1996, I chose to learn all about marketing and it’s played a role in my professional and creative lives ever since.

No one’s perfect at this, especially when you are the one chiefly in charge of selling yourself. I’ve thought about employing a PA and about retooling my website. Even thought about attending a virtual marketing course but I have no time to go back to school. While those are longterm goals, last night I decided to grab some low-hanging fruit in the meantime: I launched my LinkedIn page.
Like most aspiring authors, I have a 40-hour-a week day job so I’m no stranger to LinkedIn. I’ve had my corporate profile for years but never paid much attention to it. Besides adding connections and signing in to catch the latest TED Talk, I never utilized it much.

But something is happening in the world of self-publishing and LinkedIn. Authors, bloggers, PAs, and other indie warriors are logging on and connecting by the droves. Ever the networking salesgirl, I thought I’d give my hand at it with this second profile.

Are you on LinkedIn? Finding any great connections?

Any best practices to share for a prodigal user like me?

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