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TMI Tuesday: A Little Bit About Me…

So one of my FAVORITE tweeps in the Twitterverse is my Sister In Smut, Mischa Eliot. She makes my timeline so much fun with her naughtiness.  But as cool as she is, I always want to know a little bit more about my online sisters! I subscribe to her blog so I know that she… Read More TMI Tuesday: A Little Bit About Me…

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38 For 38: My Birthday Promises

(NSFW-ish: There’s a gif of a very nice ass in this post. Not mine, but if you search the internet long enough…) Ah, a birthday is upon me. Father Time caught me by my scuffed workplace-friendly high heel for the thirty-eighth time in a row. It was bound to happen and, yes, I’m thankful that it did.… Read More 38 For 38: My Birthday Promises

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Wicked In The Quad Cities – March 18th

2017 has me busy, but never too busy to meet with my readers! If you’re in the Quad Cities area, come see me at Wicked In The Quad Cities on Saturday, March 18th at noon. I’ll be signing and selling books for $5 a pop (almost a 50% savings!). RSVP and purchase tickets HERE. See the… Read More MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Wicked In The Quad Cities – March 18th

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Bad Womanist

I was listening to my Spotify hip-hop playlist on the way to work today.  Aptly entitled Black Superhero Music, it’s a hodge-podge of rap music that was most popular between the years 1986 through 2002.  You know, right before the art form went to studio gangsta hell. Just as I was easing toward a stop light, DMX’s It’s… Read More Bad Womanist

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It’s a (Slut) Shame

I thank God (or Prince, who is basically God in my eyes) that I started my professional career in sales. Selling everything from newspaper ad copy to air filtration systems to Olan Mills photo packages has toughened my skin and prepared me for the backlash I was sure to receive later as a writer. Every… Read More It’s a (Slut) Shame