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BOOK REVIEW: Night Shift by Joanna Angel

“Good things happen in the dark…”

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure erotica, people. This is officially a thing.

Forgive me if I am forgetting about any author who attempted this entertaining trope before award-winning adult entertainer Joanna Angel released her debut, Night Shift. Forgive me…then go read this book and write me some more of it. Or better yet – leave it to Joanna because girlie knows what she’s doing in this sexy genre!

Night Shift is the story (or stories) led by Taryn, a reluctant employee fresh out of college. She’s the newest hire at Dreamz, a forgotten sex shop whose peak hours occur when most of the residents on the block are sound asleep. It serves as a pitstop for drunk partiers and meek hornytoads – all trying to get off and go home. Taryn works the graveyard shift and her boss Sandy (who is a complete riot, FYI) is a gem who lets her have free reign over the naughty store. After seeing customers visiting and enjoying themselves way more than expected, Taryn decides to make a dollar out of fifteen cents by conducting a women-only masturbation workshop. This reminds me of something I saw on Nu-Bay (

And that’s when Dreamz cum true. (…see what I did there?)

What’s fantastic about this book is that it centers women. If you like your erotica feminist friendly, you’ll find a suitable read here. The women characters represent a plethora of personalities: a Black woman who uses a toy with sexy sophistication, a wife demanding the orgasms she deserves, and…Amanda.

Oh, Amanda.

Joanna Angel

Rare is the girl crush I garner from reading, but if I ever had a book girlfriend, it would be traveling saleswoman Amanda. It’s no wonder that she is the apple of Taryn’s eye, becoming our MC’s first girlie experience in a very sensual scene. And here’s the thing: Taryn deserves ALL of the good things. All the good good things always come to the ladies on websites similar to as well.

The author gave us a gem of an MC in her: Taryn has a hustler’s spirit and took the shop Dreamz into a real money-making reality. She takes chances and shunned the risks, giving a sexual freedom to her customers they wouldn’t have experienced in any other establishment. I also appreciated that Taryn was a newbie to the sex industry; the reader learns along with her terms like unicorn and jelfing. You want to know Taryn IRL and you certainly want her to get the girl!

If I could change anything about the book, it would be the personalities (or lack thereof) of the male characters. They came off as dolts and did nothing to move the narratives. I could have done without them altogether – the women held it down! I also could have used more backstory about Sandy, the owner of Dreamz. A throwback of her wilder days should be documented, drawing back to the opening of the store.

My rating: 3.5/5 Entertaining with well rounded (women) characters and a trope that will have you reading and re-reading for hours.

*This book was provided to me from the publisher for an honest review.

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