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Hubs, Rubs, and a Sub

Once again, Brigit Delaney’s Erotic Journal Challenge lends another fun question to my blog with this week’s prompt: Imagine you found a magic lantern (or other container), and inside lived a genie who only granted sexual wishes. If that genie gave you 3 wishes, what would you wish for? And why? Wish Number One: A… Read More Hubs, Rubs, and a Sub

Eliza In General

The Devil in Me

“There is no pleasure that I haven’t made myself sick on.” ― Philip Seymour Hoffman I’d never take advice from a dead man, but the late Mr. Hoffman spoke to my answer to this week’s Erotic Journal Challenge: What makes you feel sexy? Indulgence. Greedy, self-serving indulgence makes me feel sexy. I’m a child of the Eighties,… Read More The Devil in Me

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I’m back in Brigit Delaney’s #EroticJournalChallenge and this week’s prompt is another one that’s got me reminiscing: What were you taught about sex as you grew up? What did you not know that you wished you’d known? What/how did you teach yourself? Who taught you the most? Did anyone teach you something “wrong” or in… Read More Missiles


Bigger Than You: Three Things I (Re)Learned at #JustWrite2019

The Chicago Writers Association recently held their 2nd Annual Uncommon Writers Conference and I was thrilled before I got there. Three of my favorite writers were slated to present so I early-birded this event last year. And it was worth every penny. Whenever I attend a conference or set up at a book fair, I… Read More Bigger Than You: Three Things I (Re)Learned at #JustWrite2019

Eliza In General

Hey, Big Head…

I was on Twitter today and saw the tag #EroticJournalChallenge, which led me to sex blogger Brigit Delaney’s awesome website! Every week of the challenge, she posts a prompt and, I must admit, this week’s caught my eye and tugged at my heartstrings. People who Know Me (with a capital K and M) recall the… Read More Hey, Big Head…