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#BoostMyBio – Introducing Eliza David

Hey Lovelies!

I’m Eliza David – Writer of the Romance, Giver of the Petty, Drinker of the Wine…

It’s been awesome participating in #PWPoePrompts this month and I’m looking forward to making #amwriting besties with my future Pitch Wars mentor. I’m all over social media stirring up trouble so feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and IG.

BUT…before you make that commitment to greatness, here’s a little bit about moi:

Who Is Eliza David?

By day, I kiss my husband, wake up two small children, and (post-dropoff) work a 9-5 in the education field.

By night, I come home, do dinner and family time, and read until I fall asleep.

And somewhere in between, I’ve written twelve novels. Eleven are self-pubbed on Amazon. The twelfth is currently out on query.

I also blog on occasion, serve on my local library’s Board of Trustees, and host a monthly romance writing room.

(Did I mention that I’ll be published in three anthologies by the end of the year, including Best Women’s Erotica Vol. 4?)

In short, I do the most. So adding ‘finding an agent to really, really like me’ to that already-stacked To Do list hasn’t been easy. I’m so committed to the craft, though, that I know this is the next step for me.

What (and Who) Does Eliza David Write?

The characters in my published collection of romance stories can best be described as ‘flawed but fabulous’. From a 40-something divorcee trying to juggle a a career, a teenager, and her 20-something boyfriend simultaneously to a Grammy Award-winning R&B star struggling with the throes of sexual addiction, my characters are layered, conflicted, and – above all – so real that my readers have messaged me about them as if they were human.

Because romance writing speaks to the human condition. With my words, I try to convey love in all of its forms, from the sentimental to the erotic. Emotion moves my pen and my characters rule my world.

What is Eliza David Querying?

So happy you asked! *clears throat*

Child actor-turned-serious thespian Lamar St. Jon is saying goodbye to stardom for good…at least, he hopes. Boasting a successful career in modeling, television, and film, Lamar decides at the height of his celebrity to leave behind the glitz to get grounded. Walking away from being deemed ‘the millennial Will Smith’ is easier than 24-year-old chocolate Adonis imagined. What he hadn’t thought through, however, was navigating his life away from the spotlight as a gay man (somewhat) out of the closet.

It isn’t until he meets strip club barkeep Giovanni Hughes that Lamar’s world is opened up to a new vibe of light, art, laughter, and an unbridled passion. The moment Lamar starts forgetting about his turbulent superstar past, his estranged parents come barreling back into his life after coming into financial ruin.  When they beg him to step back into the spotlight for a quick buck (even if it means outing him for publicity), Lamar has to choose between saving his family or forging a new life with Gi.

The Lamar St. Jon Experience is a story about a former teen idol coming to terms with his sexuality and a tumultuous family history as he steps away from the limelight and falls in love.

Does Eliza David Have Anything Else To Say?

Well…let’s see:

  • I’m originally from Chicago although I’ve made a home in Iowa City for 18 years.
  • I love fried chicken and hate exercising.
  • I recently discovered the joys of gel manicures and taught myself how to do them at home so well that even my mother is impressed.
  • My romance writing journey began with fan fiction about Boyz II Men and Jodeci when I was 13.
  • I’m a proud Gen-Xer.
  • Prince is God.
  • The last non-fiction book I read was Surpassing Certainty by Janet Mock.
  • The last fiction book I read was Tampa by Alissa Nutting.
  • One of my #writergoals? To be the perfect mix of Toni Morrison and Jackie Collins.

Thanks for stopping by my #BoostMyBio. Please share amongst your friends. Feel free to email me at elizadavidwrites AT gmail dot com if you have any questions or would like to hear more about Lamar St. Jon…or fried chicken, because I’m always down to talk about fried chicken.

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