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Book Spotlight: Pieces of Me by M.C. Walker

Blogger’s Note: I’ve decided to switch things up in the Author Spotlight by showcasing books I’ve read recently and inviting the author to speak on their words. No worries – Author Spotlights are still a thing writers can sign up for, but I thought I’d give you a little something different this week.  Hope you like it! ~ Eliza

Author M.C. Walker first hit the blog back in 2017 to dish about her debut novel, One More Thing. But in Father Prince’s year of 2018, she’s telling her own real-life story. Her memoir, Pieces of Me: Things I’ve Learned Along The Way, (FREE ON KU!) is M.C’s collection of life lessons, documenting some of the most trying times of her life. I read it in one sitting and decided that I had to have her on the blog again to speak on some of the intimate stories she shared in the pages. Read along as M.C. speaks candidly about her family’s reaction to her memoir, her autobiographical writing process, and how she turned pain into triumph.

What made you decide to write a memoir now?
I decided to write a memoir as a Thank You to God. All of my blessings were manifesting before my eyes and God was exceeding my expectations. I felt compelled to inspire other women to stand in their truth and learn to trust God. When you know God is real, you want to tell the world just how wonderful He is and how He can do the same for them.

Have your family/close friends read Pieces of Me? What have the responses been like?
My family and friends have and they were in tears. A lot of times we hide our pain and deepest thoughts from those we love because of fear of criticism and judgement. My family embraced me with love and compassion because they were there during the storm. But, after the storm was over, I was still piecing my life back together. My friendships grew to a different level, allowing my friends to trust me with there secrets and pain in a way that they before didn’t feel comfortable doing so. Everything was all a part of the growth process of becoming the woman God intended.

~”Your scars are just as important as your accomplishments.”~

Describe your memoir writing process. How did it differ from your fiction writing process?
The hardest part about writing the memoir was revisiting old wounds, going deep within myself to tell the story from a vulnerable transparent and honest place. It was important for me to reveal the many layers of myself so that my readers could understand my journey. I enjoy the celebrations of my accomplishments. But, the true reward is inspiring someone else to say, “Yes, this or that happened to me. It does not define who I am a person or my life.” Writing fiction is more fun and exciting because I’m not relying on my personal experiences. I’m telling an altered story with drama and I get to decide the outcome. With the memoir, I was reliving the trauma and setbacks. Today I can reflect on the outcomes as a source of power and strength for the next chapter.

I loved this quote: “I learned that on the other side of pain, there is peace.” This was something you talked about in reference to the abuse you suffered. When was the moment you found peace with that part of your past?
I didn’t know the depth of my pain until I exposed the pain to the world. I had gone numb on the inside of myself and relationship. I was not pursuing my life goals. I’d traded my youthful self for a lackluster version of who I needed to be to survive my reality. I was not operating from a place of love. I didn’t understand or value my peace until God striped me of everything and I began to rebuild my life. It took some time to get things in place. Now, I can say I move lighter through life with courage and hope.

What is your best advice to writers thinking of stepping into a memoir space?
Be honest with the audience. People appreciate and respect vulnerability more than a concocted image of perfection. Your scars are just as important as your accomplishments. That part of your life needs to be shared for you and for those unknown. We all have a special something to give to the world in different ways. For me, that books. I don’t want to change the world. I want to change a life with my testimony.

What’s next for you?
I’m dipping my baby toes into writing a Christian Fiction love story about three sisters. I love romance and my faith is my foundation! I plan on exploring more unfamiliar spaces like teaching others the craft of writing and developing a stage play in the fall. As long as I’m alive, I want to take advantage of every opportunity available!

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