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Author Spotlight: Eda Mueller

Today’s writer brings a dose of humor and camp to her steamy stories.

Also, she’s an actress!

I don’t know why that intrigues me, but it feels like it brings a different vibe to her art. Once you check out sexy scribe Eda Mueller‘s interview below, you’ll learn why. Hear about a few of her favorite things (Spoiler: BDSM is one of them – def a fave on the blog!), the time she met her literary idol, and how a conversation with actor Steve Zahn put on a path to writing the naughty stuff!

In a few sentences, tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a happily married woman whose husband fully supports this career path. Although he doesn’t consider himself a writer, he is very helpful and creative when it comes to things like titles and plot points. I also have two dogs, a motorcycle, and a love of pizza.

What do you love most about the craft of writing?

My favorite thing is to bring something to life that is in my head itching to get out. Sometimes you can search and search for the perfect story to satisfy your needs and never find it. This way, I’m able to write about the things that I want to read. If others find them as sexy as I do, that’s a bonus.

Tell us about your latest project.

The story I’m starting on right now is a prompt given to me by EJ Bentley, a fellow writer and friend on Twitter. It’s about some of my favorite things: lesbians, BDSM, and vampires. It’s called Sisterhood and this project is different for me because it’s a thriller. Needless to say, it’s been fun to push myself out of my comfort zone.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

It was when I self-published my first story, The Librarian Meets Dracula. Before any sales or reviews, just knowing something I had written was available to the public gave me a sense of satisfaction. Then when the first sale happened, I threw a little party!

What drew you to writing erotica?

Robyn Peterman.

Let me explain. I have a friend who is friends with her husband, Steve Zahn – whom I adore. He and I were talking about how much he does for the theatre community, which led to him talking about his wife and how she writes erotica. Some of her stories are available for free and so I read one and loved it! It was sexy and silly at the same time. Writing my own stories was something that had been in my head, but the only things I had ever read were online fan fiction and stories like Fifty Shades of Grey. I had never seen stories that were comedic as well as hot. That was what I wanted to write, so I was completely inspired by her. Videos from websites similar to might of had some influence as well.

Which book(s) have influenced your writing style the most?

My favorite author is Christopher Moore. I love his sense of humor and he writes wonderful dialogue so he is one of my biggest influences.

Share a piece of your work that showcases your writing style best.

Here is an excerpt from The Gambler in Her. Even though it is not my first published work, it is the first thing I started writing:

Clair had never been this daring in her life. A full crowd of people danced right outside the door of the bathroom and yet that only made her want to do this more. She placed her foot up on the edge of the counter exposing her pussy. The mirror showed everything. She watched as her fingers glided over her opening and massaged her folds. She was so wet already and she knew that it was the thought of Prescott that was making her react so quickly. One finger slipped inside joined quickly by a second and her thumb found her clit. Her breathing became shallower as her body responded to her own touch. Her other hand came up to her breast and started squeezing and playing with the nipple. The two fingers went in and out at a quickening pace as her thumb caressed her most sensitive area. She could feel the sensation mounting as her orgasm neared. She looked into the mirror and watched as her fingers quickly slid in and out of her sex.

Again the thought of that quick meeting over a slot machine entered her mind. She thought about his strong jawline and his sexy smile. She wondered what it would feel like to have his hands on her at this moment. His fingers entering her, his breath on her neck, the lust in his eyes. The thought pushed her over the edge as she had an explosive orgasm. Waves of pleasure rolled through her body and she had to bite down on her lip to keep from screaming out.

As she bent forward onto the countertop to enjoy the surge of bliss emanating through her body, there was a knock at the door that startled her out of her post orgasmic haze.

“Clair, are you ok in there?” Stacy said.

“I’m ok,” she said quickly straightening her clothing, “I’ll just be a minute.”

“Ok. I’ll be out here if you need me.”

The thought made Clair giggle. If only Stacy knew what she had just done.

~’If others find [my stories] as sexy as I do, that’s a bonus.’~

Name three of your best writing tips.

  • Keep something close by at all times to record ideas when they come. I have a folder on my phone that I can add to whenever needed. You never know when an idea is going to hit you so it’s good to be prepared.
  • If a story isn’t working out, it’s ok to step away from it and move on. You may come back to it later or not. Either way is fine.
  • Read your manuscript out loud to yourself. Bonus: have a friend or a program read it out loud for you. This is a big part of my editing process. You’d be surprised how different something sounds when you hear it out loud.

Dead or alive, name the writer you wish were your mentor and why.

Christopher Moore. I met him once and he is as funny in person as he is on the page. I would love to just hang out with him, and if he happens to give me some writing tips in the process, I would be very grateful.

What would you say is your own interesting writing quirk?

I have a friend who helps me with editing. We read all of my stories out loud to each other. She is an actor as well and so all of the characters get their own voices. Even if the voices don’t match my original idea, it always makes me laugh.

Shout out an indie writer whose work you love.

Choosing one is hard because there are truly so many wonderful indie authors out there, but ’m going to go with M.W. Allen. He wrote a story about a talking penis that I still think about from time to time.

Do you have any specific writing goals in your radar?

I want to finish Sisterhood within the next few months so that I can have a second novel. I know I want to add more to The Librarian Series although I’m not sure who she’ll meet next. I’m also toying with a couple of collections, one about brides and the other full of Christmas stories.

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