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39 For 39: My Birthday Promises

It seems like just yesterday that I published my bucket list for my 38th birthday and now, here I am: turning another year older.

Older in age but in spirit?
Yeah…older in spirit, too.

But I’m not complaining, for two reasons:

One: really, what’s the alternative?
And I’m too pretty to die.

Two: TBCFH, I feel 39 and I mean that in the most positive way.

I lucked out with being a Seventies baby. Gen X is the generation for me and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I was a teenager before the internet. It was fantastic!

I was able to act a fool during my Twenties without the invasion of smartphones. LOVELY!

Now, as I enter the final year of my Thirties, I take stock of what I have – a great family, a not-too-depressing dayjob that pays the bills, a passion for writing that spawned ten novels in three years – and realize I still have SO much I want to accomplish.

So, with that said, here’s a taste of what I plan to devote my final lap around the Dirty Thirties:

  1. Stay aligned with my intuition.
  2. Preserve my petty.
  3. Get both of my children involved in STEM activities.
  4. Finish the novel I plan to query…
  5. …and then actually query the son of a bitch.
  6. Edit my TV script.
  7. Read and watch Call Me By Your Name.
  8. Draw up enough courage to give someone close to me a tarot reading.
  9. Stop wasting my Jazzercise membership.
  10. Take Judy Blume’s Masterclass.
  11. Take my time kissing my husband.
  12. Fully embrace my penchant for writing damn good erotica.
  13. Breathe.
  14. Learn the basic meaning of each of the 72 cards in the tarot deck.
  15. Read more about Pamela Colman Smith.
  16. Participate in my favorite writer Twitterchats.
  17. Spend more time with my son – he’s growing up SO fast.
  18. Give more impromptu BJs (to my husband – hold your DMs!)
  19. Learn to effectively work through my bouts of imposter syndrome.
  20. Submit a freelance piece at least once a month.
  21. Watch Seasons 2 of STAR and Queen Sugar because they’ve been sitting on my DVR forever!
  22. Keep up with my monthly facials.
  23. Get back into running this spring.
  24. Invest in some new toys.
  25. Cut my hair.
  26. Braid my daughter’s hair with beads.
  27. Save up to go with my mom to EssenceFest 2019.
  28. More. Yoga. Please.
  29. Cut down on candy.
  30. Avoid the Roseanne reboot at all fucking costs.
  31. Be a better in-person friend.
  32. Read more comic books.
  33. Learn more about BDSM…for writing purposes. 😉
  34. Get my Author Spotlights back in blogging rotation.
  35. Take walks with my family.
  36. Learn all of the tricks of my brand new MacBook.
  37. Establish a monthly game night with the fam.
  38. Add bylines to my resume.
  39. Remain forever dope as fuck.

All right, Year 39. Give me your best shot.

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