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Author Spotlight: Cameron Allie

Who among us doesn’t love a good Happily Ever After (HEA) in our romance? Today’s featured writer promises one in each of the books.  Canada’s own Cameron Allie and her Unexpected Changes series brings unrequited lovers together for the positive ending they all deserve.

In addition to her series, Cameron’s first m/m romance, His Love Letters, is available for FREE. But before you dig into that freebie, let’s hear from Cameron about writing real characters, why humor matters in romance, and what she’s learned during her 15-year writing career!

In a few sentences, tell us a little about yourself.

First of all, thank you so much for hosting me today.  I’m Cameron Allie and I write erotic romance. Currently I write contemporary erotic romance, but hope to branch into some paranormal within the next year or so. Mostly I write m/f romance, but have begun to dabble in m/m when the characters strike me.

I’m from Ontario, Canada, and live with my husband and our cat, Darcy. I tend to get up in the middle of the night, when the muse is biting me, to write down scenes that ‘just can’t wait’. Yesterday I turned “Dirty Thirty” and I’m still not sure how I’m feeling about that!

What do you love most about the craft of writing?

There is so much I love about writing but, if I was to pick one element, I suppose it would be the ability to craft stories that move readers. I love my characters and I hope my readers do as well. I try to write spunky, real characters, and place them in situations real people would find themselves in.

Another thing I’ve always loved about writing is answering the question: What’s the worst thing that can happen to this character right now?…and then writing the answer.

~’My hope is to invoke a tear or two and a few laughs.’~

Tell us about your latest project.

I have two major projects on the go right now. First is my Unexpected Changes series, which started out as four novels (the last of which is coming out in November 2017) but has branched out to now include a few shorter stories as well (the first of which will be debuting in December 2017).

My newest releases are the first two stories in a new series called Our Love Story. It’s my first foray into the m/m genre and centers around the ongoing relationship of Jordan and Lance. The first story, His Love Letters tells how they got together, and the second one, which was released last week, His Confession is the story of Lance coming out to his family.

In addition to working away on those projects, I’ve started work on a new BDSM series, which I am thoroughly enjoying writing.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I was about fifteen when I decided I was going to be a writer. Many aspects of the stories I wrote back then were very underdeveloped but it was a great jumping off point and wonderful practice. As I got older, my prose grew with me. I took as many writing classes as I could at university. I’ve been at it for about 15 years now, and still absolutely love it.

What drew you to writing romance/erotica?

A few months after I decided I wanted to be a writer I picked up my first romance novel. I wrote a fun little blog post all about popping my romance virginity. After that first one I was hooked on the genre. I found certain authors I loved and read them almost exclusively. Any time I had to do a writing project it always veered toward romance. The genre is exciting, and empowering, and uplifting.

I’ve always wanted to write romance, so that’s what I’ve done. I turned to erotica mostly by fluke. I thought it might be an easier path to getting published and starting writing My Mistletoe Master. I began reading more erotic romance novels. Since then I joined Passionate Ink (RWA’s online erotica chapter) and found a lovely little home in the erotica genre.

Which book(s) have influenced your writing style the most?

Gaelen Foley, Christina Dodd and Lori Foster are my go to authors. While I do read outside of them, they were what I surrounded myself with as a teen, and I hope my writing style reflects their styles. For the most part, I write third person and in multiple points of view. I like telling the story from both the hero and the heroine’s perspectives, and often like to jump into a third or fourth character’s POV.

I love the way Foley, Dodd and Foster set up series and draw you in with their secondary characters, something I hope I do as well.

Share a piece of your work that showcases your writing style best.

From My Mistletoe Master

“Why did you avoid me last night?”

She tried to squirm free, but his grip was tight. The way her ass rubbed against his jeans only got him more excited, and from the way her breath caught, he was sure it did the same for her. “I didn’t. You were playing cards with Gabe and I didn’t want to interrupt.”

“You hid in your room.”

“I was tired.”

“Oh no,” he growled hotly into her ear, “you’ll have to do better than that.”

She drew a breath. “I wasn’t sure you wanted this.”

Laughing, he rubbed his erection against her ass. “Is that what you really think?”

Name three of your best writing tips.

  • Ask yourself: What’s the worst thing that can happen to this character right now, then write it.
  • Get involved in the writing community. Join writing groups. If you write romance join the RWA. And be nice, make friends.
  • Once you have your MS all clean and ready to go, read it again, but out loud. Or have the computer read it to you. You catch a lot of little errors that way.

Dead or alive, name the writer you wish were your mentor and why.

Probably Lori Foster. She’s been in the romance genre for over 20 years. She writes wonderful books and is an incredible person. She has charities she participates in, does tons of giveaways. She’s great at the social media thing and the writing thing. She’s all around awesome and I love her writing style.

What would you say is your own interesting writing quirk?

I try to write with some humor. Even when I’m dealing with heavy topics like cancer, depression, PTSD, or abuse I still aim to “write with a certain lightness” (as one review put it). My hope is to invoke a tear or two and a few laughs.

An example would be in My Mistletoe Master when Nick and Amelia attend a big party thrown by her parents, and Nick has ordered her to wear a panty vibrator. I leave the reader (and Amelia) wondering when he’s going to switch it on. Of course he would never think to turn it on when she’s on stage, mic in hand, ready to give a speech…

Shout out an indie writer whose work you love.

I have several indie author friends whose books are on my TBR pile.

Last summer I read Please by Hazel Hughes. It wasn’t my ordinary go to type of book but I enjoyed it. Some readers don’t like it because it doesn’t have a traditional HEA, but I know it’s the first in a trilogy, and where the author is planning to go with the series. I’m excited to read the next one.

I also love Laurelin Paige’s work. I love her Fixed series, and her Dirty, Filthy, Rich Men duet. She writes really messed up characters and extremely hot sex scenes.

Do you have any specific writing goals in your radar?

I have tons of writing goals. I’m only about a year into my career and have a lot I’d like to accomplish. First on the list would probably be turning writing into a full time career. The first step toward that is finishing up the short stories I have planned for both the Unexpected Changes series and the Our Love Story series. While I have started my next series, I’m anxious to give it my full attention, as I’m going to be cranking the heat up a little higher.

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