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Author Spotlight: Danyelle Scroggins

I enjoy meeting romance authors who have unique audiences and today’s Spotlighter is no exception. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Danyelle Scroggins.  Pastor, student, family woman, writer – Danyelle’s life is busy and plentiful!  While her bibliography boasts a mix of fiction and non-fiction, she’ll be chatting with us today about her release Put It In Ink. Read on as Danyelle speaks on about God’s role in her writing.

In a few sentences, tell us a little about yourself.

I am a woman who wears many hats but my first ministry and job is to be a wife to my husband and a mother to my adult children. I was born and raised in Louisiana. I have lived in Japan, Philadelphia, Corpus Christi & San Francisco (for short stints), and in Jacksonville, Florida on Mayport Beach. Now, I am back home with my family in Louisiana and loving it.

What do you love most about the craft of writing?

I love the fact that ideas are dropped into your spirit and it is up to you to take advantage of these wonderful ideas by putting them into ink.

Tell us about your last project.

I started writing Put It In Ink years ago when I worked in a beauty salon. The story centers on three friends (Nikiya, Michelle, & Leslie).  Nikiya is struggling with getting over the love of her life while one of her friends was entertaining the very man who broke her heart. No one could have ever told Nikiya that she would not be marrying Raja. They were a couple made in heaven but life happens and when it does, it sometimes destroys us. Instead of living defeated, Nikiya put all of her energy into making her salon the best spot in ton. With the help of a new talk show and host Sappora Ink, her salon was now the ‘it’ spot.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I was in elementary school reading every Amelia Bedelia book, by the late author Peggy Parish, in the library when I decided I wanted to become a writer.  It was indeed a faith walk. I only considered myself a true writer when I published my first non-fiction book, Not Until You’re Ready.

~’… ideas are dropped into your spirit and it is up to you to take advantage …’~

What drew you to writing romance?

I began to write Christian fiction/romance when I was writing my second non-fiction His Mistress or God’s Daughter? My goal was to give women of Christ reading material that would not heighten sexual desires or cause them to fall from grace. I was once single and loved reading romance. Nevertheless, some sexual scenes caused my body to react even though I wanted it to sit down somewhere because I was saving myself for my husband. I decided someone else might desire to read and feel just like I do.  I felt inspired to produce material that promotes love and romance.  I wanted to write stories which kept the bedroom sacred for married couples, showing the problems that may arise from extramarital sex.

Which book has influenced your writing style the most?

The one book that has truly influenced my life and my style as a writer is the Holy Bible. The Bible tells you a story that almost makes you travel in time and it shows of the power of love all throughout its pages.

Share a piece of your work that showcases our writing style best.

Nikiya “Nikki” Barnett

Nikiya Barnett, known to shop patrons and friends as Nikki, was eager to tune in to RFRT with Sister Sappora Ink. The blog talk show previewed for the first time the past week, rating high and considered a hit by reviewers. As far as Nikki was concerned, the world needed someone who would tell the truth, live the truth, and share the truth, even if it were a blog talk show host.

As explained, Sister Ink answered questions about relationships, and although honest, she was raw. Against her will, Nikki listened to blog talk shows often blaming the desire to be a good best friend for this phenomenon. A couple of them were worth listening to, but some were uninformative and a useless waste of time. The hosts were inexperienced or too pretentious to explain life’s circumstances with realness and clarity. They failed to solve problems or share foundational truths from the Gospels, as Chelle declared Sister Ink did.

For the first time, Nikki’s curiosity about a show’s review ignited interest and Nikki refused to miss it. Intent on judging for herself perhaps sparked the motivation. It may also have been the desire to understand how she lost the love or her life or the need for spiritual advice. Either way, Nikki would be in the front of the computer, with an open mind centered on Sis. Ink.

The only dilemma was making it home on time. Nikki’s solution may not have been perfect but it was plausible. She drove 85 in and 70 mph zone, praying the angels would blind the police. The inability to afford another speeding ticket should have detoured Nikki from breaking the law, not to mention how dumb it would be to get a ticket resulting from rushing to hear a talk show, but it didn’t. With long hair weave blowing, as the wind whipped through the windows of the car, Nikki uncaring and unconcerned bobbed and sang along with the music. We are conquerors, conquerors.

Driving fast, the “zooming” of the other passing vehicles warranted a rearview mirror check. Dang Nikki! The thought was not a result of a police approaching, but the reality of looking at a calescent mess. Nikki snickered, but noticed the children in the car to the left laughing and pointing their fingers. Nikki licked at the children and then sped past them.

She didn’t care about them laughing. Nikki commissioned today a nappy day and hair didn’t matter. There was a trend with most professional beauticians, either your hair was nappy most of the time or on point all the time. Nikki’s stayed on fleek because styling and touching it up throughout the day became the norm, but not today.

This complete rarity occurred once every rushed moon; when Nikki’s mind was set on getting customers in and out, due to something to achieve, somewhere to go, or something to experience. Maybe it was being a Jesus freak or nosey, but this new talk show sparked intrigue and both were okay with Nikki. Life was too short not to be a Jesus freak or living enthralled by new information, which was her definition of nosey.

Glancing in the mirrors and noticing no lights, Nikki drove a little bit faster, all the while, praying there were no police ducked off I-49. Nikki merged off the highway onto Stonewall Frierson exit. If a cop stopped or ticketed her, Nikki’s recourse was to blame, the spoiled brat Zina Michelle Hastings, AKA Chelle. Chelle would pay the ticket for coming into the salon begging for the show to be included on our weekly to-do list, which is my excuse for speeding.

Name three of your best writing tips.

  • You must be true to you and your beliefs at all times.
  • You must make time to write.
  • You must treat your writing as a career.

Dead or alive, name the writer you wish were your mentor and why.

I would definitely love to have been mentored by the Bible author Paul as he had a way with writing that not only encouraged the reader, but also pricked a place that made the reader desire to be true to themselves as well as to God. He told his truths, unashamed and unfiltered.

What would you say is your own interesting writing quirk?

I pray a lot before, during, and after writing. I just believe that in order to make sure I am in alignment with my purpose and mission as a writer, I have to be in constant communication with the source of my imagination.

Shout out an indie writer whose work you love.

I really love Ann Marie Johnson-Bryan as I see within her writing a true love for God and a true honor of the marriage bedroom.

Do you have any specific writing goals in your radar?

Yes I am really trying to dabble a little in children’s books and also take my husband’s favorite story which I will be re-releasing soon “Evonta’s Revenge” and make it into a series.

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