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Author Spotlight: C. Chilove

Do you believe in soulmates? Author C. Chilove certainly does – or, at least her characters Alonna and Donovan do.  C. Chilove’s debut novel, Unlocked: Rekindled Flames, tells the story of a couple who have loved and lost each other throughout a lifetime. It’s a mix of romance, erotica, and fantasy that has netted the sexy author a solid 5-star rating!

Read on as the Southern native speaks on centering women of color in her stories, escapism in romance, and why sex on every page is not her style!

In a few sentences, tell us a little about yourself.  
Hi! I’m a Southern girl residing in the beautiful Sunshine State. When I’m not writing, I’m cheering on my little ballerina, being protected by my daring ninja, cooking yummy dishes for my hubby, or exploring flea markets and antique stores for hidden treasures.

What do you love most about the craft of writing?
The ability to escape. I enjoy allowing myself free reign to determine my characters’ destinies.

Tell us about your latest project.
Currently, I am hard at work on Book 2 of the Unlocked Series. There are some plot twists I didn’t expect. But then again, once you enter Alonna and Donovan’s world, all bets are off. This is the last time and this lifetime must set them free…

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
Honestly, it just sort of happened, or so I think…God blessed me with this talent. I’ve finally learned to listen to my intuition and Him.

What drew you to writing romance?
I’m a girly-girl! I go totally nuts for anything where boy meets girl and they fall in love.
  On a serious note, I wanted to see more heroines of color falling in love between the pages of a book. As a woman of color, I find it my responsibility to write stories that accurately reflect the intelligence, strength, independence, and courage we possess. Our strength does not have to translate into the angry black woman trope, nor does it mean we are incapable of being swept off our feet by an Alpha male.

Which book(s) have influenced your writing style the most?
I can’t name a specific book because I’ve read so many. However, I would say books with a greater depth than just sex on every page are what inspire elements of my style.

~I wanted to see more heroines of color falling in love between the pages of a book.~

Share a piece of your work that showcases our writing style best.

I close my eyes. “No,” I whisper.


I spin, feeling my breasts nip the lapels of his suit and look him in the face. “It’s unattractive to beg.”

“Most women would have been thrilled and opened any gift I presented.” Donovan’s face loses emotion. He steps back adjusting his coat.

“I’m not most women.”

“That you are not.” He side steps me and begins walking to the door.

Just as I prepare to exhale, Donovan opens then closes the door to my office. He ignores the vibrating of his phone and stands there for a second, maybe two. He pivots and starts back to me with a strong stride. He closes in, smothering me as I inhale his sweet breaths. I look up into his eyes and become lost as they stare down into the depths of my soul.

“You can deny me and what you feel now, but a lifetime…one is all I need.” His long, manicured finger traces the outline of my jaw, igniting a carnal fire within me. “I’ve searched for you forever, and in my imagination you are a beautiful beggar. There is nothing unattractive about it. In fact, it only makes me want to give you more.”

His sizzling touch cools when he steps back then turns to leave. He speaks as if we’ve always known each other. What’s eerie is…I feel like we have. Donovan is scary, and dangerous, and…I’m attracted to him unlike I’ve been to any other man.

Name three of your best writing tips.

  • Don’t write when tired.
  • Write from the heart not current market trends.
  • Find brutally honest critique partners.

Dead or alive, name the writer you wish were your mentor and why.
There are two: Rumi and J.K. Rowling.
Rumi, because there is so much innuendo and metaphor laced within each word that one can’t help but have their thoughts provoked to a deeper level of consciousness. His ability to transcend time and cultural barriers lends an appreciation to the importance of diversity in the literary world.
J.K. Rowling for many reasons. First, she embodies perseverance. She did not stop until her work was published and, once published ,she held true to how she envisioned her characters and their stories unfold for readers. Second, I love her ability to build worlds. Her worlds are unforgettable and easy to imagine. Third, she wrote diverse characters. Lastly, she is true to the conviction that love conquers all.

What would you say is your own interesting writing quirk?
I must have a song for each couple. Once I find a song that embodies their story, I develop a playlist. I turn on the playlist to set the mood for my writing time.

Shout out an indie writer whose work you love.
All my Sisters in Romance at #CIMRWA! Xyla Turner, Laurel Cremant, LaQuette, and Kim Golden – to name a few.

Do you have any specific writing goals in your radar?
Finish the Unlocked Series!

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