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Author Spotlight: Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese

Today’s post focuses on not one but TWO sexy scribes – a first for the Spotlight! When I saw the blurb for this duo’s latest novel, The Art of Three, I simply had to have them on the blog! The naughty tale tells the love affair of three individuals brought together by fate, polyamory, and a whole lot of drama.

Read on as we learn more about how these two joined naughty forces to write, as well as their literary influences, the classic novel they cannot stop re-reading, and which three-worded phrase they think produces the most effective writing. (HINT: One of the words is ‘butt’!)

How long have you two been writing?

We’ve been writing together since 2013; our first novel came out in 2014. However, we’ve each been writing independently for, gosh years. Forever, it seems like.

Why did you decide to become writers?

It’s hard to classify it as a decision. I just was a writer. I wanted to write things, so I did!

Tell us about your latest project.

Our latest project is a contemporary poly MMF novel, The Art of Three. It’s about family, farce, relationship logistics and a whole lot of love. It’s possibly the sweetest thing we’ve ever written — not in terms of sexual content (although it is low-heat) but in terms of the gentleness of its emotion.

Who is your ideal reader?

Someone who’s deeply interested in the mechanics of relationships and willing and eager to lose themselves in another world — just for a little while!

How do you create your characters and build your worlds? Are you a planner or a pantser?

We’re a little of both. Most of our character creation and worldbuilding happens as back and forths in email, with each of us asking the other “What would happen if?” and “What happens next?” Basically, we tell each other the story and then write that down. It’s one of the things we love most about our particular style of cowriting!

~ ‘[Our ideal reader is] willing and eager to lose themselves in another world — just for a little while!’ ~

Who do you consider your literary influences?

We’re pretty omniverous when it comes to genre. I really like the clean prose (and fantastic banter and dialogue) of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mysteries. Rach has a thing about the magical realism of Steve Erickson and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Annie Ernaux has a structure she likes. We both like the reading between the lines that’s necessary with John le Carre’s spy novels. It all shows up in our work.

What is the hardest thing about writing?

Writing things that are intensely personal — even if those things are good! We spent about a week while we were writing the first draft of Art of Three crying a lot. Not because anything bad happens in the book — far from it! — but because we were hitting some pretty intense personal notes. There were some notes we didn’t even realize were that intense until we wrote the book!

Name three of your best writing tips.

  • All a first draft has to do is exist.  If you obsess over perfection, you’ll never finish that first draft. You can edit anything, but it has to be on the page first to do that!
  • Butt in chair! You’ll never finish what you don’t spend time on.  Even fifteen minutes a day is enough to go on. If you write 250 words a day, every day, in a year you’ll have a 70,000 word novel on your hands!
  • Write what you like. Write the stories you want to read. Not only will it come through in the writing and engage your readers, you’ll enjoy what you’re doing a whole lot more!

What are you working on now?

Two things at the moment – a re-edit of our first novel, Starling (Book 1 in our LGBTQ+  Love in Los Angeles series) for re-release February 14. We recently got the rights to that series back from our former publisher and are giving them some TLC before we re-release them back in the wild!

Our other current project (coming out in May 2017) is a contemporary royal romance about Amelia, a girl from York who becomes engaged to the Prince of Wales in an alternate United Kingdom where the wounds of the Wars of the Roses are still fresh. There’s politics, ravens, and a genderqueer princess named George everyone thinks is the court witch. Of course, there’s also falling in love with the Prince of Wales who Amelia is absolutely, positively, not supposed to love. After all, this is supposed to be a marriage of political convenience!

What are you currently reading?

Pride and Prejudice, for about the twentieth time. It’s my go-to audiobook on my commute, and I never get tired of it! Racheline’s reading books for RWA’s RITA awards, and so can’t tell any of us what they are.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Just write. Just tell the story you need to tell. You have the time. You have the ideas. All you need to do is commit.


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