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Author Spotlight: Rosanna Leo

The scribe in my Spotlight this week claims that star-crossed lovers are her specialty. And readers, based on her extensive backlog of over two dozen releases under her belt, Rosanna Leo tells no lies! From shifters in a nature lodge to badass bosses in Vegas casinos, this author has crafted a page-turning main character for… Read More Author Spotlight: Rosanna Leo

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Author Spotlight: Bronwyn Green

I can’t remember the last time I had an opportunity to interview a fellow Midwestern writer of the naughty words, but that’s why I love Tha Twittuh. Indie Romancelandia is full of them and Michigan’s own Bronwyn Green is no exception. What I love about this author (besides the fact that she on the corner… Read More Author Spotlight: Bronwyn Green

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Author Spotlight: Eda Mueller

Today’s writer brings a dose of humor and camp to her steamy stories. Also, she’s an actress! I don’t know why that intrigues me, but it feels like it brings a different vibe to her art. Once you check out sexy scribe Eda Mueller‘s interview below, you’ll learn why. Hear about a few of her… Read More Author Spotlight: Eda Mueller

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Lin Woolf

When writers allow themselves to become immersed in their stories, it’s a beautiful thing. They take care to give you a full experience when reading their words, which is incredibly important when writing erotica. Today’s sexy scribe used the fictional backdrop of Eden Falls to weave genderfluid tales of love, lust, vampires, and sport that… Read More Author Spotlight: Lin Woolf

Book Reviews

BOOK REVIEW: Night Shift by Joanna Angel

“Good things happen in the dark…” Choose-Your-Own-Adventure erotica, people. This is officially a thing. Forgive me if I am forgetting about any author who attempted this entertaining trope before award-winning adult entertainer Joanna Angel released her debut, Night Shift. Forgive me…then go read this book and write me some more of it. Or better yet… Read More BOOK REVIEW: Night Shift by Joanna Angel